Difference Between Microkinis And Tankinis

You know that when your wife says "Let's go to the beach," it's that time. Yup, that time where you need to go shopping. Yes, shopping for new beachwear for your wife even though you bought her a nice bikini the last time you went.

"But that one is so... last year," she says. So, well, you have no other option but to tag along to that swanky new Bikini Buyers' store at the mall.

In any case, girls/women are highly fashion conscious, and as their companion, I'm telling you, they expect you to be as knowledgeable about dresses as they are. Trust me on that one! So, guys, this article will help you come to terms with some newer styles of beach wear. Even your wife will be shocked! A lot of guys think that a normal beach suit worn by women is just called a bikini. "A bikini is a bikini, what more is there to it?" you may think. The word 'bikini' is a highly generic term these days. Of course, if you were living sometime in the 1980's then your logic would've stood good. But not in these times, where fashion designers rule the world and hypnotize women with their work.

The bikini is generally a two piece swimsuit worn by women that offers a decent amount of coverage of the sensitive parts of the body. However, depending on the design and the coverage offered by the two piece suit, they are of a few different types, like tankinis, and micro bikinis (or microkinis).

A tankini is one of the more solid bikinis, which offers probably the maximum coverage that a bikini can. They are considered to be one of the more modest types of bikinis. Essentially, a tankini is a swimsuit that comprises of a tank top and a bikini bottom. It provides the coverage of a one piece swimsuit, while at the same time providing the comfort and convenience of a two piece swimsuit - the entire swimsuit doesn't have to be removed when going to the bathroom, for example. The tankini is also very convenient because it can be used by all age groups. These days, tankinis are made even for little children, and they are rapidly gaining popularity. They are also popular amongst groups of people who are somewhat uncomfortable with exposing their body in public. So you could call it a somewhat 'safe' variation of the bikini.

Now, the micro bikini, on the other hand, is worlds apart from the tankini. If I could find an expression that would eclipse 'worlds apart' I'd definitely use it because that's what it is! The micro bikini is SO very different from the tankini, and people who are used to takinis would gasp in shock if they saw a microkini. The micro bikini is a certain style of bikini that is so tiny, it has just enough material to cover the most sensitive parts on the body. It certainly is the most risqué kind of bikini - almost on the borders of nudity. Imagine this - If a designer had to make a bikini, but discovered that he had only a strip of material the size of a handkerchief left, and he still made the bikini - what you'd have there is a microkini. It is widely acknowledged to be the absolute hottest thing to wear at the beach, and has been well adapted to by women who like to flaunt their assets.

Well, in any case, you know you're going to have a good time shopping!